Dell XPS8300 PSU fan noise

There is an odd "revving" noise coming from my XPS8300.

I believe that this is the power-supply fan.

I have airdusted and cleaned all the fans, however the noise is still there.

It's not constant, it comes and goes, lasting from a couple of seconds to minutes and it has nothing to do with CPU usage. For example sometimes I'm not even using it and it will still make that noise.

I have had this problem before, maybe a year ago and it went away by itself however now it returned and it won't go away no matter what I do.

Please advise, should I be replacing the fan? or the PSU?

Update: I have recorded the noise:
Hopefully someone will recognize it.
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  1. you can replace the fan if you are able to.
  2. Updated my first post since I recorded the happens every 10 minutes or so.
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