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I have a Samsung Monitor (SyncMaster 206BW) that has a Vga port, and I want to play me ps3 on it. I have an adapter where the Vga plug goes in and outputs as a hdmi plug. My monitor detects the ps3, but I still have a black screen. Sometimes, I get a message in a box saying that the optimum resolution is 1680X1050 and 60hz. I believe the converter does change the digital signal to analog, because the analog source is the one detecting it (I hope this sentence is relevant to anything). I think it also has something with HDCP in it (still not sure if this is relevant). So I'm guessing that the problem is that my ps3 output is 1080p, which my monitor can't handle, so are there any ideas on how to downscale the resolution to work on my computer?

Extra INFO:
Things i have in my house:
Vga to Vga cable
Hdmi to hdmi cable
Vga to Hdmi converter
A tv with a broken hdmi port and the component works
a ps3
a monitor
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  1. if there is no hdcp support the monitor will be blankscreen.

    if there is support but the monitor cannot support 1080p you might also have a blank screen.


    you have a tv with broken hdmi but with component.... why dont you hook up to that with component from ps3? it wouldnt be a HUGE drop in quality
  2. yea but i want to use the monitor in my room because my parents are always on the tv.
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