what power supply should I get?

this is my components so what power supply should I get?and something not too expensive i am thinking of Cougar CM Power 700.

I may do some oc for the amd card.

edite: oh yeah is it ok to use Kingston 4GB (1 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory with Kingston 4GB hyperx blu 1333 can oc to 1600
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    Hi. You don't want to cheap out on the PSU. That is a critical part of the system because if it goes, it can take the Motherboard and or other parts with it and you wil be replacing more than a PSU. This one should do:

    As for the Memory question, no. Even if you did, it would run at 1333 Mhz as that is the slowest memory stick. The CL & Timings are probably different. Best to get a matched set od 2 x 4Gb sticks.
  2. Amazing deal right now on the XFX (made by Seasonic)
    XFX XXX edition 650W $39.99

    Sale ends tomorrow
  3. thx but they are more expensive here... they XFX XXX edition 650W cost 101$

    here is the list of some powersupply can found here or here

    1 pound = 6.92$
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