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Hello, I am trying to connect the internet to my Windows XP. When I directly connect the computer to the cable modem through an ethernet cable, a red light appears on the cable modem. I have tried creating a network connection (LAN) but the prompt says that it should already appear. I have thought of buying a USB cable (male to male) to directly connect the computer and the cable modem, but I don't know if i will encounter the same problem. I also hear that it is better to connect through an ethernet cable. Thank you.
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  1. A red LED should mean failure to connect or a problem with the modem so it depends if it's new or used. The setup is simple involving basically three wires.. internet cable, ethernet cable and power connection, so if you have them right, the LED should indicate failed connection. Have you already installed the LAN card (Ehternet adapter) driver? What make & model is the cable modem?..

    To use the USB connection you'll probably have to install the Modem driver, so it's either one device driver or the other. Which USB or Ethernet connection is better depends on the modem specifications... read them before proceeding. The modem packaging should have included the modem CD with drivers and manual/instructions... but the modem manufacturer website should have all the information, manual and drivers for it.
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