Is the 770 good for my situation?

It's black friday weekend atm and i'm looking at gfx cards to buy. I'm looking at the 770 and the 280x. Which is better? I have a 60hz monitor and it's 1080p. I was thinking of going with the 780 but it seems a bit overkill for 1080p. idk, what are your opinions on this? Also the 780 is still in the picture, just undecided. All three seem like good cards but im not sure which one is good for my situation. Also need a new psu for this. It needs to be 600w. I'm in canada as well if this helps, thanks in advance. :)
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  1. You can get the evga gtx 770 4gb. It's an excellent price and more efficient than the AMD choice you have chosen. The 780 is a bit more expensive than the 770. If you have money to kill, then get the GTX 780 3GB, if not go for the EVGA GTX 770 4GB
  2. I don't think the 4gb is worth it because i was told that the extra 2gb is virtually unusable.
  3. The 770 and 280x are similar in performance either of those will be perfect for 1080p and will play everything at max settings unless you plan to buy a new monitor and play higher resolutions then i would suggest more vram and better card but those 2 are fine i would go with the one thats cheaper
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    They probably said that the ram is unusable because no game even on te highest settings needs 4GB but I have 3 monitors so that 4GB will be usable. I just always think ahead for the future unless you will never get a 3 monitor setup. So I would then suggest a 2GB gtx 770.
  5. Yeah I guess i also forgot to say i have a single monitor setup and always will. :P So i guess ill go with the 770? :/ 2gb tho.
  6. Yea you should you won't regret it!
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