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About to buy components to my first video editing/gaming build. Any final changes/tips?

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November 30, 2013 4:15:20 PM


I've never built a computer before and after a month and a half of researching and learning, I have come to this:

- CASE: Corsair Obsidian 650D -
- PSU: Corsair HX1050 -
- CPU: Intel Core i7 4930K -
- MOBO: Asus P9X79 Deluxe -
- RAM: Kingston XMP Beast 32GB 2400MHz DDR3 CL11 -
- SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 128GB -
- HDD: RAID 0 2 x Western Digital Black 3TB -
- CPU Cooler: Phanteks PH-TC14PE Blue -
- GPU: EVGA GTX 780Ti SC -
- Thermal Paste: Arctic Siver 5:
- BD Drive: LG BH16NS40.AUAR10B 16x SATA BD-RW:
- Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Am I missing anything?

As you might be able to tell, I'm there's a bit of a blue theme :p 

I'm going to be using it for Video Editing mostly with Adobe, Cinema 4D and 3DS Max etc. I will also be gaming once in a while. I was originally going to go for two 4GB GTX 770's in SLI but I figured I'd save some money and go for one 780 Ti and maybe get another for SLI in the future. I'm still quite worried about the 3GB VRAM however. Will this be a bottleneck for the system and should I wait for a higher VRAM 780Ti to come out.? I've opted for the non-ACX cooler version as even though I know the temperature of the card will drop considerably, I could do without the extra heat in my case as I'm also planning on overclocking my CPU so would the Phantek air cooling solution be adequate? Also, the ACX Cooler would make SLI'ing more difficult (I think :/ ).

I'm planning on using the SSD as my boot drive and to install OS and ALL of my programs onto. My (/Windows), (/Program Files) and (/Program Files (x86)) folders collectively come to about 98GB and I wouldn't be installing much more on the new system. Would I be better off playing it safe with a 256GB model or will the 128GB be sufficient as I've heard SSD's perform better when under 75% full. The two WD Blacks will be run in RAID 0 (don't worry I backup frequently) for storage.

I wanted to ask for any suggestions or adjustments/corrections on the build. My budget is £2500 on the PC itself. I'll be getting two or three monitors in a few months to make the most out of it and with hopes for a 4K monitor and/or maybe the whole 'G-Sync' malarkey, any advice on monitors would be appreciated too.

Current PC:
- Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz
- NVidia GeForce 8400 GS

I'm sick of my current PC slowing down all the time when editing and I wouldn't want to upgrade this new computer for at least another 5 years so that's my reasoning behind the overkill. Is 5 years realistic? Also, I'd appreciate if anyone could give me an idea of how much of a performance improvement I can expect over my current PC.

Thanks in advance for any feedback :) 

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November 30, 2013 7:58:24 PM

I think you should change your RAM, as a CAS latency of 11 is very high. Linustechtips showed that RAM running at DDR3-2400 with CAS 11 performed worse than DDR3-1866 with CAS 9. I personally prefer Corsair Dominator Platinum's DDR3-1866 and CAS of 9.Also, you may want to think about an AIO liquid cooler eg the Corsair H100i for cooling the CPU and overclocking it. Other than that, my only slight recommendation is SLI GTX 770's, but a 780 Ti SC is also great.