ok amd boys, heres your chance

I want to build a box that can game but usually wont be gaming.

I was going to buy haswell due to the power savings but I've heard a few of you touting how modern amd chips are just as efficient.

Show me.
I'm in the market to build a new sub 250 dollar pc (all i need is cpu, mobo, and hsf...and case if the new hsf is too tall)

I want something that is very power efficient when its not being taxed. I don't game often so power usage when I am isn't as big of a deal so long as its not absurd.
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    For $250 with mild gaming, an AMD APU is 100% the way to go.
    I would include a build but I only have a moment to post this :P
  2. 250 is just for the cpu mb and hsf. You can do way better than an apu. I'm thinking 6300 or even an 8320 if you can get a deal on a mb.
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