How to Get Old Hard Drives to Work on a New PC

Hey all.

I have recently run out of space on my SSD. I now want to add my old, very large (in comparison) HDDs to the build. I have more SATA cables (I think they're SATA 3), but when I try to connect 'em nothing shows up. Any help?

My HDDs: WD2500 (JS-00MVB1) [7200 RPM]

My Build:
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    Did you plug in the SATA power cables?

    You may need to format the drives.
  2. it should work ok. you can only plug them in one way, there is a small tilted "L" if you look at the interface cable it only fits one way on the hdd. make sure to connect also the power conn for the hdd. another slightly longer "L" and a black power connector comming from the psu to match it
  3. Thanks guys. Didn't plug in the power. Ha! I can be an idiot sometimes.
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