Hdmi not working!

My pc is just not detecting my tv as a moniter, ive tested this with 3 Televisions and 3 Hdmi Cables, but nothing works. i dont know if its my tv or my pc, but its really bugging me. im using a freshly built pc running Windows 7 and specs are:

Cpu: Fx 6300

Gpu: Radeon HD 7790

MoBo: M5a78L-MUSB3

also it worked the first time i got it booted, but soon after it just stopped working...
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  1. dylanvdang001 said:
    Do you have a monitor you can test with? TVs are sometimes picky about signal.

    my dvi port on my gpu is working fine and so is my moniter but the hdmi just doesnt seem to want to be detected, and no i dont have a hdmi moniter just a dvi/vga moniter
  2. alright, ill get an Hdmi to Dvi adapter and test it out, ill post with results when i do.
  3. Turn off everything.
    Connect PC's HDMI to HDMI #1 on the HDTV
    Turn on HDTV, select HDMI #1 as source
    Turn on PC
    It's best that the HDMI cable being used is version 1.4a
  4. I tried the Hdmi in all the slots turning off and turning things on in various orders and also making sure everything is in correctly, as i said, it worked at one point, it started and it worked on my tv but not anymore. also i used another pc (alien ware x51) and it also didnt want to connect to any of the hdmi tvs either but it does to a hdmi moniter (not my pc or my moniter) sadly i do not have access to those anymore.
  5. Are all 3 HDTV and cables the same or different?
    Are they're any other connectors on your HDTV besides HDMI.
    The video card, did you buy it or it came with your computer?
    If it's bought, is there any adapters that came with it?
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