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I have had a lenovo h430 for 2 years now and i am looking for some new upgrades. i came across a really good graphics card. the r9 280x by xfx.

All i need to know is which psu will fit perfectly in my system and will work for my 500 watt gpu

OS: Win 7 HP
RAM: 8gb
GPU: xfx radeon 7750
CPU: I5 2320-3.0
PSU: 250 watts
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    Your GPU is not 500w :lol:
    R9 280x is a rebranded 7950, with a TDP of 250w.
    And for 350, I'd look at a 770 GPU Card. (A rebranded 6 series from nvidia but better than the 280x)
    And 3 games with this one.
    As for a PSU, take into account, CPU, HDD, fans, peripherals, ...etc.
    I'd say a 500w is plenty powerful, modular for nice wire management is always a plus. But look for a bronze rated or higher 80+ PSU.
    Something from Corsair, Seasonic, Antec, NZXT, EVGA,...etc. will fit your needs. :)
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