Is this low budget gaming pc good?

This is the main build...let me know if something is wrong ^_^

Case: Aerocool Strike-X
Cpu: Intel i5 4670 3.40 GHZ
Graphics: Asus gtx660 2gb ddr5
Ram: Mushkin 992074 8GB 16000Mhz
Hard drive: Toshiba 1TB DT01ACA100 3.5"" 7200
Power supply:OCZ XTREAM PRO 600W
Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-B85-HD3
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  1. Wouldn't call that a low budget build, but it's solid enough. The worst part in general here is probably the video card, and the 660 isn't a slouch. Just comparatively speaking, it's the worst part.
  2. Should make for a good rig, no bottlenecks, things are compatible
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    I've looked through all the parts and i see nothing wrong. All the parts should work together.

    All of these brands i have not heard of, and I've done a lot of research on computers.
    Case: I would recommend a good Corsair, Cooler Master NZXT case.
    RAM: Corsair, Crucial, Kingston Hyper-X, And G.Skill are all good brands for RAM.
    Power Supply: And the power supply, again, Corsair is a very good brand so is Cooler Master and EVGA.

    Now the GPU you picked is fine, but you could get a GTX 760 for like $30 and it has better driver support and is a bit better.

    That's really the only cons i have with the build, other than thoes, everything looks great.
  4. Mushkin ram has been around, it's solid, no worries there. My favorite is g.Skill though. The only Corsair Psu's I don't really like are the CX line, everything else is pretty good. The Cx line isn't bad, per se, just more of a budget line and with the money you are putting into this build, no reason to trust it to a budget Psu. I agree on the cases too.
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