Will my build work also any sugestions

I am planning to build a pc for the first time and i am pretty confident with what ive got but ide like to run it past some experenced people first so if you have any suggestions or problems with me build please inform me about them

Cpu-i7 4770k
Cpu cooler-thermaltake NIC c5
Motherbord-msi Z87 GD65 gaming motherboard
Memory-corsair vegance cmz8gx3m2a 1600c9r 8gb (2x4) DDR3
GPU-msi geforce gtx 770 gaming edition 2gb x2
PSU-corsair RM850 80+gold power supply
Case-areocool x-preditor
Hard drive-seagate baracuda 2tb st2000DM001

Also im thinking of getting and ssd but i dont know if its that important
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  1. Purpose of this build?
    Where are you buying from?
  2. For gameing in high quality
    And im buying it from pccasegear
  3. Okay can you list the prices of each component?
  4. I can but note that i do live in australia and these are australian prices

    Cpu-i7 4770k-$379
    Cpu cooler-thermaltake NIC c5-$65
    Motherbord-msi Z87 GD65 gaming motherboard-$260
    Memory-corsair vegance cmz8gx3m2a 1600c9r 8gb (2x4) DDR3-$115
    GPU-msi geforce gtx 770 gaming edition 2gb x2-$439 ea
    PSU-corsair RM850 80+gold power supply-$209
    Case-areocool x-preditor-$159
    Hard drive-seagate baracuda 2tb st2000DM001-$100

  5. Best answer
  6. Thanks heaps man its really good to get a second opinion
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