New Radeon HD 7870 Suddenly Stops Working After Uninstalling nVidia drivers

At the time of installing my new MSI Radeon HD 7870, I had already had nVidia drivers from my previous card (gtx 560 ti) and also installed AMD Catalyst software. I've also installed everything on the CD that came with it. This was perfect-I did notice a change in FPS-it was working flawlessly.

However, today, I decided to uninstall those nVidia drivers. "You don't need nVidia drivers for an AMD card", right? Well apparently my card refuses to work without them. Any game crashes instantly-doesn't even launch properly. My aero's transparency doesn't even work. Computer is really laggy. I don't know what to do. My 7870 drivers are fine and up to date, but it just isn't working without those nVidia drivers? I don't understand....

Also, I can't reinstall my nVidia drivers because I don't have the card anymore..
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  1. Use drivers weeper. Get rid of any traces of both Nvidia ati do a clean driver install after
  2. dont use the drivers off the cd that comes with the card as they are always outdate your best option is going straight to AMDs website and download the latest ones from there and as icelock said use driver sweeper or ccleaner to get rid of any old drivers then re install new ones :)
  3. I decided to take the easy route and do a system restore back to when I had nVidia drivers. It's working all fine, but I can't live without knowing why does an AMD card not work without nVidia drivers?
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    An amd card should not work with nvidia drivers at all i would recommend trying our advice on clearing the old drivers and re installing the new amd one from the website
  5. amd and nvidia have nothing to do with anything. one driver needs to be installed and nothing else. clear. :)

    goodluck mate
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