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HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool claims usb stick was write-protected but it isn't!

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November 30, 2013 10:23:25 PM

Im trying to edit the bios of my gtx 470.
My problem is that the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool V 2.0.6 stubbornly refuses to install the necessary files on my usb stick by claiming that it was write-protected which isn't the case IMO!

i can format the stick by right clicking on the usb stick in windows explorer and can even install software on my usb stick.

Even tho it was possible for me at any point to format my usb stick or install software on it I've tried the following just to somehow force HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool V 2.0.6 to work:

(cmd diskpart solution)
(regedit writeprotocol solution)

Why is HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool V 2.0.6 refusing to work?

Im working with the gpu tool pack from: (pw: mmbkmm)

Ive to use HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool V 2.0.6 to install the folder "bootable" on my usb stick. The folder "bootable" is part of the gpu tool pack (link above).

Here you can see the inside of the "bootable" folder" which Ive to install on my usb stick with USB Disk Storage Format Tool V 2.0.6:

Are there maybe other programs which I could use instead of USB Disk Storage Format Tool V 2.0.6 or do you know why it's claiming my usb stick was write-protected?

I forgot to mention that I tried the whole process with three different usb sticks... Im sure there's either something wrong with the tool or with my win7 64 hp options...

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December 1, 2013 2:44:02 AM

Phillip Corcoran said:
Probably an error in the registry, hence all pen drives you try are affected.
Go to the manual registry fix section here:

nope, actually ive created the writeprotect file in the registry myself earlier because my own " handle write protect" google research suggested it and it's still 0. I even checked if 1 would actually block any copy related action with the usb which was indeed the case...

Fact is,
i can install software on my usb stick, copy files to it and format it while HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool claims it was write-protected...

See for yourself:

btw, my usb stick is actually an mp3 player. Is that maybe the problem, even tho when I can format it and install software?
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