Z87 motherboard selection for the holiday season or "low price"month


ASRock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer

15u cpu and vga connector
hdmi in
killer lan
clarity sound
3full gen3 PCIe
dual bios
fast mouse port
Fan-Tastic Tuning
looks very sexy

any featrues that is particularly helpful that you know?




Dual Intelligent Processors 2 with DIGI+ VRM
Fan Xpert 2
Remote GO!
Quiet Thermal Solution
TunderBolt header?

any featrues that is particularly helpful that you know?

keep in mind:
already have
i3-4330 maybe upgrated to new cpu
GSkill *2400mhz 8g
h60 watercooler
and planing to use this rig to play games, everyday and video editing
for 3-5years+

-does asus has higher component quality? both mobo has 3year warranty
-goldcaps? how is it campare to asus'
-usb3.0 boost? realy matter?
-single bios will bring me bad news any time?
-does asrock support fan controls on 3pins?
-hows both side's Customer support?
-any featrues on one mobo that is particularly helpful or substantially better than the other that you know?or any other mobo that is in the $120 range?
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    Comparing both of these boards the plus points of z87 killer are
    -Better audio chip 1150
    -Supports three way crossfire
    Plus points for z87-a
    -Asus is a more reliable brand
    -Legacy pci slots (if you need them)
    The z87 killer also has killer lan chip which requires additional driver installations and hardly makes any difference.Asus boards are said to have better quality components.Other than these you can also consider the asrock z87 extreme4 and msi z87-gd65 boards.Asrock boards do support fan control and single bios isn't really a bad thing.Customer support depends from time to time ,you can read newegg reviews to get an idea perhaps.Asrock does have gold caps and i am sure asus has equivalent or even better components on their board.I have seen asrock's 555 usb boost and wasn't really impressed .
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