worth replacing fx-6350 stock thermal paste with mx-2 ?

i'm stuck with the stock heatsink for a while until i get a way more serious one..
since i plan on oc'ing.... i actually oc'd it to 4.5 ghz while just messing around with it,
since winter is here in Latvia - opened my window, strapped on my winter jacket and boom
the tiny bastard kept it under 60c apart from stresstesting... saw it go over 70c that way

anyway - has anyone got any experience with these things?
the fan is way too loud for me even on stock... not to mention when you close the case
can't stand the whiny noise... so any temp difference will be a gift from gods!
- i have a tube of mx-2 laying around so...
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  1. Best answer
    it will make a few degree difference
  2. airplanegeek said:
    it will make a few degree difference

    good enough for me! - will put a bigger fan on it while i'm at it....
  3. managed to achieve silence... at the cost of slight temp increase... but stoc mhz is fine for a while,
    it appears this heatsink begs for a static optimized fan, however i put a airflow optimized one on it...

    also i'd like to mention - the stock thermal compound looked really nice when i removed the heatsink,
    very even coverage with most of it left on the heatsink and a thin, even, see through layer left covering entire cpu with tiny overhangs,
    i wish i could post pictures here...
    i can imagine this is why people say to leave it alone... the only downside is it can get stuck on there pretty strong,
    already had to twist heatsink to remove it ... imagine after a year....
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