Windows 8.1 shows Directx 11

Hi guys, i have windows 8.1 pro and i basically upgraded to windows 8.1 to get performance in battlefield 4 and it does give me that boost.
But if i go dxdiag, under system information it says Direct x 11 only, so i was wondering if that is Direct x 11.1 and is just named as Direct x 11 in windows 8?
And if not than can any1 tell me where can i get the latest version from coz windows update hasn't given me yet.
System spec:
Amd phenom || X4 840 3.20 Ghz
8GB Ram
Nvidia Geforce Gtx 570
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  1. ur GPU will not support DX11.1
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    The GTX 570 does not support DirectX 11.1, so dxdiag will only show DirectX 11. Not even the 600 series Geforce cards fully support 11.1.
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