680 GTX Super Low Folding @ Home PPD

Hey all, so I've got two 680 GTX's OC editions from ASUS. They are hooked into my rampage IV extreme mobo. I've got a i7 3930K OC'd to 4.2 Ghz heading up the whole operation.

Anyway I was folding a bit earlier this year, getting roughly 40-60K PPD off each card. I took a break for a few months during which I played with the clocks of my cards and my CPU as well as removed all my components dusted them out and put them back in. Now I have been folding for about a week and it seems I rarely see the ppd value for each card go above 25K ppd....

Already uninstalled and re-installed FAH to no avail, also I have checked and all my software says that the gpus are at 100% usage. My cpu is set to use 10 threads (of the available 12) for folding, as before I found it used the other two threads for controlling the GPU's and the 10 for its own folding WU. I have tried setting it to both -1 and 12, but it does not seem to make any difference, anybody have any ideas at all what could be wrong?

Also I am running the latest 331.82 driver from Nvidia
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  1. Hi
    In some scenarios it could be OS issues - malware , virus , trojan , folding-trojan ....

    You can run some tests to check & compare you system - Passmark
    - you can brows for similar systems to compare if you have some drawback you can see it
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    A lot of times it depends on the work unit.
    on my 460s for each card it varies wildly.

    8018 =12,000 PPD
    762? =25,000 PPD
    7600 =18,000 PPD
    So it is probably not your system unless your overclocks are not 100% stable for folding. A way to check is to run Afterburner and see what clocks the cards are running at.

    If they are not fully ramping up to 3d performance clocks then it is not folding stable.

    You will need to reduce clocks or increase voltage to reach stability.
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