Help! My Gtx 780 has two 8-pin PCIe connectors.

Hey guys, I just have a question about the power cables for my GPU. I have a Gigabyte GTX 780 OC with Windforce Cooling.

There are two 8-pin PCIe connectors on the card itself, but it says on the specifications it requires one 8-pin and one 6-pin connector.

My PSU has two PCIe (6+2) connectors on the same cable. I've already tried connecting a 8-pin cable into one of these sockets and a 6-pin cable into the other, but when I try booting up, it just gives me "PLEASE POWER DOWN AND CONNECT THE PCIe POWER CABLE(S) FOR THIS GRAPHICS CARD".

What should I do?

I have the Zalman ZM650-XG 650W 80+ Gold Power Supply.
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  1. the oc is factory overclocked and needs more power. thus the 2 8pins.
  2. You need to connect two 8 pin cables to the card, what PSU do you have?
  3. you should connect both of the 8 pins to molex (white ones) with adapters if you have them in the gpu box.
  4. But it says here (at the bottom) that the card requires /one 6-pin and one 8-pin external power connectors.
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    This is what you have its the rev 2.0 card, not the early original one.
  6. maxiim said:
    This is what you have its the rev 2.0 card, not the early original one.

    Oh! Herp derp. Sorry guys, I didn't notice that. That explains why it keeps giving me that message.
  7. Its alright I updated the link by the way, I linked a different one, the OC model is the new updated link.
  8. you should have 2 8pin connectors on the psu. check your psu old box. it's modular the cables are probly not connected since you didnt need them before.
  9. Worked perfectly. Thanks guys.
  10. third one at the bottom. (zalman site is shot)
  11. Hi guys!
    I know this is a closed thread but, I didn't want to open a new one to ask something related.
    My problem is: I bought the GTX 780 OC windforce Rev. 1.0, and yes, it needs the 2nd 8 Pin cable. The thng is: I have one that came ID as PCIe and another generic one coming out of the PSU's body. It has 8 Pins and fits perfectly into the GFX card. I got it to start and it's running fine. My question is: is the PCIe cable specific for the job or can I continue using this second 8 Pin cable that was laying around hanging from my PSU? Will it fry my GFX card or will it be alright?

    Thanks guys!
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