If I were to overclock what PSU should I use?

I am building my first build for PC, I want to use it for schoolwork, internet stuff, gaming
all the animation softwares and others - Cryengine 3, UDK, Blender (stuff like that).
I want to have a lot of options if the use of my computer may change over years. I want to know if I could overclock.
My PC parts are (going to hopefully be) these: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2bV1I

I am not sure if I need the CX750M, I may consider the CX600M if thats all I need to power with overclocking.
CX750M - 750watt PSU, CX660M - 600watt PSU
What do you think? Thank you.
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  1. the 600 should be enough but i would stick with the 750. i prefer to have room to spare on my psu.
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