Cpu Temp 70-75C too hot?

I have a i7 2600k using the stock cooler and I'm hitting 70-75C whilst playing battlefield 4. Is this too hot and should i buy an after market cooler? If so which cooler would you recommend? Thanks.
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  1. Is at the limit. Cooler Master Evo is verry good and not expensive.
  2. sosofm said:
    Is at the limit. Cooler Master Evo is verry good and not expensive.

    Thanks for the reply, I'll check out the Evo.
  3. I recommend that you purchase an after market cooler for your CPU. Cooler Master and Corsair do some pretty good coolers.
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    Sosofm is right.It seems u really need something better than a stock cooler. U could get the one that sosofm said or one of these:

    Those ones can be expensive, but u can live with it a long time and even upgrade the CPU to a better one without needing to replace the cooler itself. And those liquidcoolers really keep ur CPU temperature low. :)
  5. Hey guys thanks for the help! I ended up getting the corsair h100i and have noticed a huge difference. My cpu temp at max load doesn't go over 52C now. However the fans that come with it are very loud. Is it worth getting new fans or won't it make much difference?
  6. Change the fans with Noctua fans
  7. Hi Dipolo,

    Excellent choice! The fans are ok, you just have to install the new firmware for this problem. See the Corsair site and check the solution:


  8. If you want everything to match you can get the SP120's for your H100, but there is no real point as the stock fans that come are already part of the SP series, the SP120's which you can buy individually are a bit quieter.
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