How to RAID0 2x WD800BD-22MRA1 on JW-RX780X-AM2+

First of all, thanks for reading this thread, I'm new on forum but old on repairing PC-s etc... I'll be short:

I got my old JW-RX780X-AM2+ mobo, it support RAID, and got 2x WD800BD-22MRA1, as I never made any RAID before I used to practice a bit and try to;

I set on BIOS Controller from AHCI to RAID
After restart, Ctrl+Y I made RAID 0 successfuly, 128 Stripe, Fast Init - off, Gigabyte Boundary - off, Cache Mode - WriteThru

After restart, computer recognise it as RAID so I putted bootable USB Flash drive for clean install Win7/32, it starts but I don't see the RAID drive, now I'm used to put drivers on flash for it but all drivers I found are not working, can't see HDD's again. Then i was searching what kind of driver is that, thought it is from WD site but later i found it is SouthBridge 600 Chipset, also downloaded lots of drivers found anywhere on Google for SB600 still nothing! On mobo support, there is no driver for SB for RAID, only chipset, audio, LAN etc.
What to do, which driver to use to make RAID0 on this Mobo with this HDD's please help! This realy annoying me...
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    There will be more settings in the BIOS, regular BIOS, not the RAID BIOS, that must be attended too after you created the array. The array must be set as bootable, or for storage, (this option will be there somewhere) and then you must put the array in the boot order. Have you done this? With Win7, you shouldn't need to worry about finding drivers.
  2. I just realised that when i go to IDE Configuration, all 4 SATA Drives are (Not Detected), maybe it's because I allready made RAID so IDE not reading it.

    But when i go to Boot Configuration, on Boot Device Priority 1st one is "RAID:RAID Ary 1" and 2nd is "USB:JetFlash Transcend"... Still I don't see any drive to create partition and continue with Win7 installation...
  3. Guys anyone help? Nowhere in BIOS or RAID BIOS I can find option to make RAID Bootable, only information I can see and not change it is "Status: Functional" nothing more. any help? I can take screenshots...
  4. You need to install the raid pre-installation driver when it asks you where you want to install to. Gimme a minute while I see if I can find it.

    edit - wow - no one like to update drivers for old boards but I found some for an MSI board here. Select wich OS (32bit or 64) and you'll see the raid driver. 64
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