RAID 1+0 for 8TB array (3 x 2 4TB HDD)?

Anyone have any idea how do i setup RAID 1+0 for 3 by 2 HDD (total: 6 of 4TB HDD) to make them as 8TB instead of how normal we would do for RAID 1+0 with just 4 HDD (2 x 2)?
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    Well a Raid 10 is a Raid 0 of a bunch of Raid 1's. So if you have 4TB drives it would be 3 Raid 1's of 4tb's and then a Raid 0 so i should be a 12TB drive you get. If you just want an 8TB Raid 10 then just use 4 drives not 6. Maybe set them up as Hot Spares or something.
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