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I purchased a HP Pavilion Laptop that is running Windows 8. I am unable to sign in to my wireless router. I have connected through my phone so I know the wireless on the computer works. I have gone to he router settings and verified I'm using the correct security key. I tried changing it and that didn't work. I tried using the router pin and that didn't work. Do you know if there is some kind of setting that needs to be changed? Is there something I should be trying in the computer itself?
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  1. Go into your control panel, then click "Network and Internet", then go into "Network and Sharing Center". In the top left side, click "Manage Wireless Networks", clear everything out of there (remove all networks on that list), then turn your computer off. While your computer is off, remove the power from your router and your modem from your service provider. Wait 20 seconds. Return the power to your modem first, wait for it to come online, then return power to your router, then once router is on, power on your computer, then try entering the password for your WiFi network (and make sure 100% absolutely you have the correct key).

    Hope that helps!
  2. I have a compaq laptop here and I don't know the network security key and I don't know where to find it as without having that I can't get on to my normal wifi
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