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Corsair VS 650 vs Seasonic Eco 600W PSU

I am upgrading my system (read my signature) and the PSU. I am in two minds about which PSU to choose. Corsair or Seasonic. Please help me choose the better. Any suggestion will be welcomed.

I do heavy 3D and video editing work and my pc runs at 80+ percent capacity for over 18 hours a day. PSU of my choice are:,PSUDG347RBUYNCFK,PSUD5XZ4EFXTQNG7

My new config:

i7 3770
Asus H77 MB
GTX 760 2 GB
120 mm + 80 mm CM fans
1 TB WD Blue (7200 rpm)
2 TB SG Barracuda (5900 rpm)
3 TB SG Barracuda (7200 rpm)
Asus Blu ray

And, will the PSU support this config?
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  1. If you plan to add a second GTX 760 later I would look for a 850W+ PSU.
  2. No, this is my final upgrade for next 2 years (or it will be a completely new PC). I am working out components with tightest possible budget and can't go above the cost of these two PSU. These are the only two good options i have.
  3. I would get the Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU because it is a tier two PSU.

    The VS uses cheap taiwanese capacitors and is overall mediocre in quality. The Seasonic would be a better choice.
  4. Tier two.

    I am a complete newbie in PSU department. Can you explain merits of a Corsair over Seasonic. Almost everybody on this forum always prefer Season products above Corsair or Antec. I have ordered both and waiting to cancel one of them. I need to hurry or they will send both. Don't want to waste to their time.
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    Go for the seadonic eco 600w as it has better quality ....btw corsair is good but the psu with the V ...I dont prefer thm much so nettrr go with seasonic.....goodluck bro
  6. RazerZ said:
    I would get the Corsair VS650 650 Watt PSU because it is a tier two PSU.

    The VS series is junk. Go with the Seasonic.
  7. Lol from a year ago when I was new to this...
  8. Damn, I missed the necro. *Hangs head down in shame*
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