Dell Studio XPS 1645 wont start - 6 beeps


My (4 years old) Dell Studio XPS 1645 will not start up all of a sudden. When I hit the power button the media buttons lighten up but the screen is just black and the computer makes 6 beeps. And then nothing more happens. What does 6 beeps mean?

I've opened up the computer and checked that there are no loose contacts, as well as removed both memory modules (one at a time) but this made no difference. I've also tried to start the computer holding the D button to run the BIST test and that looked fine. I then also connected the computer to an external screen with the VGA connector but nothing showed up on that screen either.

Can it be that the motherboard is broken? And if so, how do I know the name of the motherboard so I can buy a new one?

All help is greatly appreciated!
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  1. Video card failure and probably have to replace the mainboard which is way too expensive its better to buy a new one
  2. I've actually got the computer up and running again :)

    I blocked the fans with a couple of books for about 15 minutes to increase the temperature in the computer. This seems to have worked because I got to some startup information showing up on the screen and I could enter the bios. Starting Windows didn't work but I could run Dell Diagnostics (from a CD) and all test passed... Then I tried to boot up Windows from the HDD again and this time it worked :) The computer has been running for a couple of hours now with no problems so I'm just hoping this will last, but it could be that it'sjust a temporary fix and that the mainboard is damaged and that the computer will not boot tomorrow again. I just have to wait and see.
  3. good luck bro
  4. I'm ffacing to the same problem. My 3years old xps doesn't show up the screen, gives 6 beeps at startup.

    How long did your temporary solution worked?
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