Killed my motherboard during BIOS update? Please help. Long issue.

Hello everyone,
I am very glad for this community and the help I always get offered.
I'll keep it short.

Summer 2012 I built a PC with the following specifications:

It was a great built and my PC performed excellent, with only mild gaming and mostly work, problems started to approach last month. When during normal work, my PC fell out. I was surprised as I never had overheating issues before, and when I looked at the power button it strangely started to fade in and out (differently then when PC is in sleep). Nothing happened when pressed, so I switched it off from the mains. The PC turned back on and sure enough after 3 minutes or so switched back off... same fading button. The longer I waited to boot it back up, the longer the PC stayed on (it felt like I had to wait for a component to cool down). This really sounded like an overheating issue. I opened up the case and when my PC was booted on, my CPU fan was not spinning. After unplugging and plugging every cable back in the whole case, the fan decided to spin again.

This seemed like it was an issue with cables then, because my computer worked for a whole 2 weeks after this when the same shutting down happened. After some investigation, I noticed that my graphics card was quite overheated (60c idle). And this really caught my attention and after playing some Battlefield yesterday, to stress the graphics card, it completely shut down (no fading button this time).

Today, I had an idea to enable integrated graphics and unplug my GTX and go with that setup for a week or so and see if that was the issue.

Problems stacked onto more problems, and after reading multiple tutorials on how to do this I had no option in the bios to enable integrated graphics and neither was I able to enable this in Windows by installing Intel Graphic drivers. So, I decided to update the BIOS and continue from there. I installed the BIOS through .exe installation and after this successfully finished it required me to restart my computer. It restarted and no bios screen whatsoever turning up and no signal was given to the monitor. This is where I am now, I have tried different combinations to connect to the monitor. Nothing works. When booting, having the case open I can see everything working just how it should and everything sounds good - but no output is given.

* Just to note that after the first event occurred, Windows no longer was able to shut my PC completely off when I pressed the shut down. The log off and shut down screens were given but after that the screen just went black meanwhile the PC kept going. I have shut down my PC from the mains or power supply since then.

Can this great community me so kind to help me once more. Since I have come to the a dead end and I have absolutely no idea how to recover my PC.

Thanks you every one that took their time reading and are wanting to help out, I am truly appreciative :)

- A worried PC user.
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  1. i fear your bios upgrade did not succeed for some reason. (maybe different revision of the mobo?)

    if you have a dual bios i think there's a way to recover. if not, try resetting the bios with that jumper switch. other than this, only other option is to take it to a service where they would pull the bios out and rewrite it again.
  2. Thanks, could you maybe direct me to how I can reset the bios?

    I guess if this is the issue: Asrock is completely useless as the customer service is crap. So I guess taking it to a service would be best.
  3. Best answer
    happens to bigger houses too. that's why a bios upgrade should be done as a last resort only when nothing else works.

    that's why i love gigabyte and their dual bios. it's all auto and simply reverts you to the backup in case you write a bad version in any way.
  4. Wow, thank you so much!

    I resetted CMOS via the jumpers and I started getting some signals. A dialog came up saying "UEFI update", just were it left off last time. I got into BIOS! And it was updated, so I also managed to switch to my onboard graphics. I guess the quest continues from here, to see if my primary problem continues :)

    Thanks a lot :D
  5. if the system doesnt crash any more with the onboard then it's either the gpu at fault or the psu. to decide between them move the gpu in another system and test it there.

    if it still does crash it's ram, cpu or mobo. most likely. ram you can leave only one at a time plugged in and test it that way, cpu and motherboard... well, that's tricky. but let's hope it wont come to that.
  6. Ah thanks for the suggestions. I'll test the onboard gpu for about a week and see if the issue persist. I am most likely returning the 560ti to Zotac if that is the issue, as I apparently have 2 years of warranty.

    Thanks a lot.
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