Please Help - Cannot enable nVidia surround

Hello all, I'm hoping that someone hear can stop me from losing my mind.

I have a new build, and I'm having difficulty with nVidia surround (2d) not enabling. The issue is that when I go into the nVidia control panel and choose to enable surround, it flashes the screens like they're supposed to. However, it will take me back to the control panel and will go back to the previous setting. It DOES allow me to choose 'maximize 3D performance' and SLI will enable then, but of course only on one screen. If I had all three screens active with SLI disabled, it will go back to that setting too.

Ocassionally, the 'Configure SLI, Surround, PhysX' option will disappear from the control panel and after closing out the NCP I can't open it again without rebooting.

Also ocassionally, I won't get a display unless I boot into safe mode, remove the nVidia driver and do a clean install.

Here's the relevant details:

This happens on Windows 8.1 Pro x64, Windows 8 Pro x64, Windows 7 Pro x64.
This happens on the 5 most recent nVidia drivers (Currently 331.93)
My device manager is not giving me any errors with any drivers.
I am not currently overclocking anything.
This happens whether I use the 780tis in SLI AND when I try it with only one installed.
This happens regardless of the mix of ports on the GPU(s) I use. DVI/HDMI/Displayport all yield same results.

Asus Sabertooth x79
16GB DDR3 Hyper-X (quad channel)
Samsung Pro SSD 512GB
GTX 780ti SLI
Asus Xonar DX Sound Card
Corsair Silent Pro 850w

3x BenQ w1070s. Connecting to them through DVI->HDMI Cable into HDMI Wallplate into HDMI Cable. I used these for surround with my previous build.


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    I have a sli 780ti setup with an i7 3770k (asus ws z77) and the same problems, even after multiple reinstalls of the latest WHQL driver (331.84). When playing BF4 at 1080p with sli enzbled, there is frequent buzzing and screen tearing, but disabling sli solved it. The 780ti's were stress tested in furmark (1080p, x8 MSAA) and noticed the fps (fraps) gain from one 780ti to two was very low, 34 to 36, respectively, albeit there was no screen tearing or buzzing. Prime95 and a memtest86 ruled out the cpu and memory. The 780ti's are evga's sc with acx cooler and a factory oc to 1006MHz (core). Multiple output configs were tried but to no avail. The system had sli'd 680's and ran surround with no issues. I'm suspecting this is a driver issue. Hopefully with the new WHQL drivers this may be solved. The problem is written up and down the nvidia forums
  2. I've had exactly the same problem with all versions of the nvidia drivers since upgrading to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8.

    However, I have found that it works for me using the 327.23 drivers so give those a try and see if you have any luck.

    Nvidia don't seem to have acknowledged the bugs with surround but they really need to look into these.
  3. same problem right now >:(

    Also, it creates 5 (default) monitors too on "screen resolution"

    Same exact problem as I type this
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