fan speeds not changing with any program. help

so im having some issues with my fans. i have a fully watercooled rig. i5 3570k cpu with a gtx 680 SC. i obviously removed the stock heatsink of the gpu but i have an adapter that plugs into the vga fan connector and allows me to plug in a regular 4 pin fan. i have a 4 pin fan splitter and 2 pwm fans on a radiator to cool the gpu. however, i cant change the fan speeds at all. using evga precision, they stay at 40%. using speed fan to link the gpu temperature reading with a fan and set up a curve, they stay at 40%. im thinking the splitter have have an effect on it. im not sure. any suggestions? further details can be provided as well if needed
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    Hi the PWM fans that you have on your radiator, have you tried plugging one of them directly into the CPU fan header on your motherboard and see if you can change the fan's speed? Keep your case open and see if the fan speed changes when you do this.

    If the speed changes than your PWM fans works fine and so does your cpu fan header. Try the same with the GPU, plug in the adapter than connect the PWM fan and see if you are able to change the speeds.

    Post your findings we will discuss further.
  2. I have another radiator for the cpu and it's fan is plugged into the cpu header. But the fans I'm using my for the gpu will not reach the motherboard. I am going to try using just one fan and not a splitter
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