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Building a Gaming Rig, Looking For The Right Video Card.

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
December 1, 2013 10:06:40 AM

Hello there, I will make as short and sweet as I can. I wanted to lay out exactly how I use my system and what you guys think is best here. Now I'm not some crazy overclocker, triple monitor gamer or anything like that. I rarely play extreme multiplayer or much of that nature either (although I might more after this purchase). Anyways, I have an 2.67 gigahertz Intel Core i7 920 (not o-clocked, its an HP so it won't let me), 9 gigs of ddr3 and a brand new Corsair CX600m power supply I bought to accommodate my new video card that I haven't bought yet.

Now I have my PC plugged into both a 25 inch hp monitor and a 39 inch RCA HD TV. I always have the two on Duplicate Displays so essentially when I use the TV I just shut off the monitor and sit on the couch, either watching a movie or playing a game just on the TV. I recently got Assassin's Creed Black Flag and it runs like S*%& on my very outdated NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250. Even on medium settings it is lag city. It is time to make the switch to something that will help with the generational switch gaming seems to be going through with PS4/Xbox One forcing the bar up for graphical output that much higher for average gamers. I was told in this forum to buy a card with an AMD R9 280x chip. Although, the more I seem to read into it a lot of people think that's overkill for the type of thing I'm doing.

So I have four lightning quick questions but I will preface this with the fact that I'm certainly not rich and would love to not spend $300+ on the r9 280x if I don't have to. At the same time I absolutely will if you think it would really serve me that much better over the long haul than something cheaper for the setup I have. 1. Is a 3gb R9 280x simply overkill for someone like me who mainly plays single player games (a lot of racing games, rpgs) even with the duplicate display monitor setup? 2. If yes, what part is overkill? Would I seriously never use 3GB of VRam? 3. All of this being said, if you're me and not much the mad scientist type who wants try and run Battlefield at 234934 frames per second, What card would you get that is a mix of serious quality and a respectable price point? 4. If I'm running duplicate displays at 1920x1080 (which is what I'll always be doing) is that actually making that resolution double for my video card?

Now I'm not cheap here and will spend the money necessary; I just don't want to buy something that is totally unnecessary so if I can save some money I will. I absolutely want something that will blow the doors off games like Assassin's Creed Black Flag on Ultra for years to come (at 1920x1080 on duplicate displays), and probably won't overclock the card. Any suggestions you have would be much appreciated!
December 1, 2013 4:56:46 PM

A quick answer would be to check on youtube with the games you want to play, say Assassin's creed black flag + [GPU you're interested in] + fps.
You'll have a good idea of what quality the card will give you, considering people share their PC build and you have more or less same performance.
I'd check // EVGA GTX 660 superclocked // GTX 660 (I owned asus one and it was pretty good, even with recent games, this one is cheaper)

On radeon side, I have to admit that the r9 280x looks very good, runs silent and doesn't overheat easily. It's around 300$ though, and i've been told it's a rebadge

I am not an experienced tech though, that's just my two cents [just purchased a PC and went with GTX 780, but i considered 300$ cards as an option too]

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