Is my RAID 10 volume lost ?

Hi everyone,

i had 4x1TB drives set as a RAID10 volume in my ASUS MB's intel BIOS (ICH9R). Also set up in Win7 matrix storage manager.

then i detached the 4x1TB drives and attached 2 new 2TB drives.

only then i deleted the "old" RAID in Intel BIOS and defined a new RAID1 for the 2 new 2TB drives.

My question is wheter i can re-attach my "old" RAID and directly access my files without doing a complete recovery.

I might have saved an earlier state of the whole BIOS to a preset in bios setup. Does that help?

many thanks
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  1. If the drives were plugged in when you deleted the raid it may have deleted the raid config off the hard drives too. If the drives were not plugged in you may be able to plug them in and import the raid config that is still saved on the hard drives.
  2. Not sure about your BIOS, but hopefully with RAID enabled in the BIOS add the drives and boot into the BIOS and see if it shows up
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