How can I tell if my computer will support a SATA 3 SSD?

I want to buy a Kingston SSD to swap with my hard drive to make it the main drive. All the Kingston SSDs that I am looking for all say they are SATA 3. How can I tell if my computer supports this? I am not that good with computers so I am unsure.

My computer is a Dell XPS 720.
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  1. Find you product on the Dell site and check the specs. Even if your m/b is sata 2, the ssd will run fine.

  2. Agree with markwp says, Sata's speeds are backwards compatible. They can work with each other. So a Sata 3 will work with a Sata 2, and So on. Your motherboard will usually support a certain Sata speed, so definitely check the specs to see what speed.
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    All SATA devices (SSDs, HDDs, CD/DVD) are backwards and forwards compatible with SATA ports.

    So any Kingston SSD will work with your Dell XPS 720.
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