Strange FPS drops in every game

My laptop has been very weird these past weeks it has been dropping frames in almost every game I own and just a few months ago I was getting like 60fps in almost all of my games and now I get 60-12fps it keeps dropping then goes back up and drops again every 5 seconds. Please help ;(

Specs: 4 gig ram, Windows 7 64-bit, Radeon HD 7600m 2 gig of ram, Intel Core i3-2370M CPU and 2.40Ghz two of them.
And it's an Inspiron 5520
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    Sounds like it overheating and throttling back. Run stress tests on both CPU and GPU while monitoring your temps. (Prime95, MSI combustor and use speedfan or real temp)
  2. Thanks for the quick reply, I'll note you back when things start working again :)
  3. Keep me posted if the temps are fine then we can look into something else
  4. Oh and btw I just downloaded Speedfan and what do you recommend I should put my fan speed to
  5. Have you ever heard of a Targus Cooling Pad google it if you don't know but it's a cooling pad which will keep the laptop cooled, will that help me in any way? with my heating issues? I'd like to know because I'm thinking of getting one they're very cheap
  6. Leave the fan speeds to auto when testing to see if overheating. If it is a heat issue then the cooling pad will help but dont buy anything until you are sure it is that causing the problem.
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