Asus Maximus VI Hero or Asus Z87-A

What is the big differences between these two mobos other than price? Its the last part I need for my computer and I dont want to spend an extra $40 if I dont need to.
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    The Maximus VI is asus's ROG (Republic of Gamers) board, it's reserved for their flagship hardware. this means it comes with extra bells and whistles

    From what i can see is the following

    intel gigabit server grade LAN adapter
    An additional SATA controller supporting 2 additional 6gb/s drives
    Higher end AUDIO card (Supreme-FX)
    Power, Reset, Bios Reset buttons on the board
    It will also have points for voltmeter to read voltages for CPU & RAM

    Realtek Gigabig LAN

    None of these features increase performance.
    little bit better sound quallity (unless you have awesome speakers you wont notice it)
    these ROG boards are designed for ULTRA high end systems and designed to make Liquid Nitrogen overclocking easier with the voltmeter points & motherboard buttons.

    Simply because your asking your self "whats the diff" means you will not require the features of the ROG board.
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