Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 2133 compatible with Maximus Hero?

Hey all

I'm SLOWLY accumulating parts as I can afford them for a new rig (my old one is nearly 3 years old now....), with XMAS sales coming up I'm thinking I'll step up the buying a bit and have a new rig by new years

I'm hoping for some advice on a MOBO please.

I'm really keen on the Asus Maximus Boards and I'm tossing up between the Hero and the Formula variants. I'm wondering of the Formula is just a big overkill? I'm not PLANNING on doing anything but light OC.....At this stage lol

The rig is almost exclusively for gaming, however I also watch my weekly DL'd shows on my computer and I'm doing some study so browsing, word processing etc. I frequently like to do all of the above at once lol.
I guess I should have bought the MOBO first and matched everything around that but I've been buying stuff when it's on special. Money is MOST CERTAINLY an issue and the best price/value is very important. It'll be 3 years MINIMUM before I get a new machine so I need this one to be relatively "futureproof" (if there's such a thing)

I am unfortunately not technology educated, and only really have a basic working knowledge/understanding thereof.

Compatibility with the below parts is also imperative.

So far I have (sitting in the spare room waiting somewhat impatiently!):

Case: NZXT Phantom 630

CPU: i7 4770K

Cooler: Noctua D14

RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 2133 MHz (I have this already, is this compatible with the Maximus Hero?)

GPU: Will probably grab a GTX780 now they're less pricey (maybe even two)

SSD: Samsung 120Gb (not the EVO variant)

HDD: Samsung 1.5Tb

PSU: Don't know yet would appreciate some advice here too plz......Will almost certainly go with SLI GTX 780's so will no doubt need something pretty beefy

Monitor: X-star korean job off ebay 1440p, oc to 120hz etc (have this already)

Mouse/keyboard: Not sure exactly...have an order in (santa lol) for xmas gifts

I'm in New Zealand so cannot purchase off Newegg sadly

Any advice would be appreciated greatly


PS: Sorry for the long post.....
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  1. I am just wondering why you would ever get a Samsung HDD, they aren't that good, Western Digital and Seagate make good hard drives. Also, is it just a Samsung 840 for the SSD, don't get just the 840, get the 840 Pro, much faster and longer lasting; and yes, the RAM is compatible with the motherboard. Finally, if you only game at 1440p, you don't need a GTX 780 and you can get a budget cooler if you are only doing a light OC.
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    Yes the DRAM will work w/ the Hero, actually have yet to find any DRAM that won't run on the Hero, might however look at the GSkill Tridents or Snipers in 2133/9, both are great and have OC headroom
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