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Hello, finally decided to switch over to pc gaming after 10+ years of solely playing sony playstations. As of right now this is what I'm playing to order:
I don't plan on overclocking, just trying to build the pc and play games such as BF4 and AC4 on the highest settings without any problems.
Any input would be helpful.
Budget between 1000-1200
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    thing looks fine but one change I would make is the processor and the motherboard, Intel K processors means an unlocked chip which means it can be overclocked, if you don't plan on overclocking a better choice would be the non K i5 3570 processor, with a nice H77/75 motherboard (Z's usually mean that the motherboard supports overclocking so that's also a useless feature in your case), can save you about 100 bucks or so

    Another thing is that your power supply is overkill for a single card build, if you plan on getting a 2nd GTX 770 then it's a good choice, but for a single GTX 770 a nice Seasonic 620W power supply will handle it (or even the 520W since you don't plan on overclocking)

    Nice case btw, it's a very sleek one
  2. Yea you're right but its weird cause the 3570 is more expensive than the k series. So I'm leaving room just in case of overclocking in the future if I feel comfortable with it. Yeah this was my first choice when it came to choosing cases.
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