ATI Radeon 5900 driver update?

Hi folks, first post here!
So, i've had my ATI Radeon HD 5900 for a couple of years now. Its been working fine, but i experience lots of flickering with newer games i install.
So i checked for an update, since i havent been updating since i installed it, and its and old version 8.9 something something.
I obviously needed to update to the newest version, so i searched the web, but all i got was some drivers updating programs, where you had to sign up for it to update it.

Is it possible to download the latest update manually, without signing up and paying lots of money for a fishy program ect. ect.?
Also: I went on ATI's webpage and downloadet the latest Catalyst Suite - 13.1 for my drivers. <--- didnt help

Ill send lots of happy thoughts to whomever will help me <3
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  1. Get ALL video drivers uninstalled. Uninstall the AMD install manager Use Drive Sweeper or a similar program to remove all remnants of any GPU drivers. Then run your system with the Windows driver only and make sure it works fine on browsers playing something like YouTube videos and other simple 2D (non-gaming ) tasks like simple photo editing. Once you are sure it is stable with no glitches in 2D then Install the newest AMD driver from a fresh download. Do it yourself manually ( no auto-detect or branded downloads ). Download the file now and leave it on the desktop until you are ready to install it.
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