BF4 Jumping Like FPS Lag

Hey guys, I built my new PC yesterday and slapped BF4 straight on ultra settings. I'm getting between 70-90 FPS on foot and over 100 in the air but for some reason the game keeps jumping around like I have FPS lag. I haven't seen the FPS drop below 60 and I have less than 40 ping on every server I join. Any ideas? I'm running on:

8GB Crucial Ballistix @ 1600
Gigabyte GTX 770

And it's installed on a Kingston V300

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  1. Battlefield 4 has a lot of issues to kink out. That's why I dint buy it half off on Black Friday.
  2. Yeah I know it does but I never had this before I re-built
  3. Strange what temps u getting?
  4. Not been keeping an eye on it but OC on bios is set to auto while I run it all in a little and I have a h100i with 4 fans on push pull so I'd imagine my temps are going to be quite low.
  5. Temps ud like to have. Coiled help me analyze this further
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