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Ok guys, here's my issue.

I live in a house together with 4 other students. The owner has the highest available internet plan for Belgium. So our wifi speed should be very fast. The provider is Belgacom. They even did some maintanence on our router so that it's easier to connect with multiple people.

So this is what's happening. My laptop is in the room right next to the one where the router is. Sometimes I'll get 5 bars. Other times i get 4 or 3 or even 2.

When I look at the connection the speed is always very unstable. Sometimes it will be 144mbps, other times 72 but there are periods where it's like 6mbps or 15 mbps.

These general dips occur when most of the housemates are on at the same time.

HOWEVER even when I'm certain I'm the only one using the wifi, I still get random periods where the connection is very bad. Also for example i'll be downloading at 2mbps (seriously what a shitty speed for an expensive connection) and it will randomly go to 20KBPS when nothing has changed.

Hopefully someone can help me with this.
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  1. it will always work this way the wireless signal is split between the user on the router ,did you check when you think you are the only one who use it that the other did not start a download and went off to class . you will able to see this on the router who was connect and at what time ,the other point check around if someone have a router that use the same channel you use and could interfer with your .
  2. Still having this issue guys. And yes i'm certain it can happen while i'm alone. Here are some pictures from a program. Hope they help.


  3. could you ask the guy who have the router to try channel 3 or 5 and even 10 since nobody use them to see if the wi-fi will be stable ,there are so many wireleess around so therre could interference from one to the other .
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