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I originally started playing COD: Ghosts on my Intel i3-2100 (3.1GHz hyper threaded, never OCed) combined with a GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB (factory OCed by PNY).

My card destroyed every game on Ultra settings until this new generation of games that came out. I was not satisfied with avg 40-50 fps on medium - high settings on COD: Ghosts. Thus, I got rid of the GTX 560 Ti and opted for a much more powerful card (from the same generation), a Radeon HD7970 GHz Edition 3GB OCed by XFX. I figured buying from an older generation would be a great deal, since all those older cards are well-priced, now. On top of that, many of the next-gen titles are going to be optimized for AMD hardware due to PS4 and Xbox One standard hardware.

Long behold, I boot of COD: Ghosts with my new monster of a card, crank up all the settings to Ultra/highest and put it on 1080p now that I have 3GB's of ram (NOTE: The benchmarks I am expressing are from multiplayer's Extinction mode), and I am getting average of like 40-50 fps. Now, this isn't that bad considering I have all settings cranked up, but the problem is when I get into big open scenery when there is a lot of dynamic action happening, sparks, NPC players, explosions, etc, my FPS drops to like 15 fps. This severe frame drop never occurred on my GTX 560 Ti.

I tried to alleviate this by bringing the settings down to high instead of max, same problem. I then put the settings on the EXACT same settings (medium - high) that I had when I was using my GTX 560 Ti 1GB, and sadly, that is the ONLY way I can keep the HD7970 GHz from having unacceptable, severe frame drops.

Can someone please explain to me why a significantly more powerful card would have to be run on the same settings as a much weaker model, in order to avoid severe frame drops?

My research, thus far, has led to to the following possible culprits:

-AMD cards do not have an "adaptive V-Sync" feature like Nvidia cards (I play with V-sync on because I absolutely can't stand screen tear, and to me 60 fps max is enough), thus frames start to stutter horribly when fps drops below 60.

-Driver optimization: Are Nvidia drivers really that much better equipped to run COD: Ghosts on PC?

-PhysX performance demands: Does COD: Ghosts even use PhysX, thus has a better gaming experience on Nvidia cards?

-My Dual-Core i3-2100 is creating a bottleneck for my much more powerful GPU?

My system specs are as follows:

ONLY non-stock modifications made were:

-575 Watt PSU Upgrade from CPU Topia
-XFX Radeon HD7970 GHz 3GB Double Dissapation (previously PNY GeForce GTX 560 Ti OC)

Model Number DX4860-UB20P
Operating System Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit)
Case & Motherboard
Case Orientation Vertical
North Bridge Chipset Intel H67 Express
CPU Brand Intel
CPU Core Dual-Core
CPU Type Core i3
CPU Speed 2100 (3.1GHz)
Smart Cache 3MB
FSB 5 GT/s
CPU Socket LGA 1155
CPUs Installed 1
CPUs Supported 1
CPU Main Features Virtualization Technology
Hyper-Threading Technology
Idle States
Execute Disable Bit
Thermal Monitoring Technologies
Intel 64
Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology
Intel Fast Memory Access
Intel Flex Memory Access
Total Memory 6GB
Form Factor 240-pin DIMM
Memory Configuration 3 x 2GB
Memory Slots (Total) 4
Memory Slots (Available) 1
Maximum Memory Supported 16GB
Hard Drive
HD Capacity 1TB
HD Interface SATA
HD RPM Variable
HD Configuration 1 x 1TB
GPU Type Intel HD Graphics 2000
GPU Interface Integrated
Display Interface 1 x HDMI
1 x VGA
Expansion Bays
External 5.25" Bays (Total) 2
External 5.25" Bays (Available) 1
Internal 3.5" Bays (Total) 2
Internal 3.5" Bays (Available) 1
Expansion Slots
PCIe x16 Slots (Total) 1
PCIe x16 Slots (Available) 1
PCI Slots (Total) 3
PCI Slots (Available) 2

I am about to leap back to an Nvidia card, assuming it would fix the problem, ideally a GTX 770 4GB OC, but forums are claiming how technically the 256-bit wide memory bus would not efficient utilize the 4GB versus the HD7970 GHz 384-bit wide memory bus on 3GB? So many factors on paper/brochure...but in reality, my GeForce GTX 560 Ti had more stable, less stutter and dramatic frame rate changes.
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  1. COD Ghosts is poorly ported for PC. People with both Nvidia and AMD cards are having the same issues you describe. One friend has a GTX 780 / 4770k and 16GB ram and the other has dual 280X's / 2500K @ 4.9Ghz and 16GB ram, both have these random performance drops.

    Both systems can max BF4 and Crysis 3 @ 1080p over 60 fps and no issues. Ghosts on the other hand, looks like crap and runs like crap on these rigs. The frame rates swing from whatever the Ghosts frame cap is (90 or 120) down into the single digits. It's just a terrible game on PC and well, every other platform.
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