antec 1100 vs corsair 600t vs 500r vs nzxt phantom 530

I have a the following system

cpu 3770k with a cooler master v8
mobo asus p8z77 v deluxe
ram Kingston HyperX Predator @ 2400mhz
storage ocz vector 128gb ,samsung hd103sj
gpu gigabyte r9 280x
psu silverstone st85ef 850w

and it's in a haf 922 case but i want to change it.
Which case do you recommend?
Keep in mind that i will go for crossfire and i want really good airflow because i won't do any crazy oc and i am going to stick with air cooling for now.
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  1. I own a phantom 410 and airs and looks good. 530 hands down mate
  2. Best answer
    antec 1100 got fantastic airflow... one of the best in the business really.
  3. Thanks for answering, after a lot of thinking i have my mind set on the phantom.
    My only problem is that it doesnt have any side fans for the gpu, is the airflow good enough so that side fans are not required?
    having that in mind i am between 600t and the phantom
  4. Go with the 600t
  5. the 600t is more elegant and has good airflow. :)
  6. excellent
  7. i would go for the 600t, im personally thinking of buying it and i have a P280 which is also a awesome midtower case!
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