Leave the computer on continually, or turn it off when not in use?

Considering longevity of components, is it better to leave the computer on continually, or turn it off when not in use (average 1 cycle per day)?
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  1. leave it on. mines on 24/7.
  2. Save the planet and keep your electricity bills down - turn it off
  3. i just toss my computer into sleep mode whenever i'm leaving it be for a bit. if i plan to be away more then a day i turn it off.
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    Since the average user doesn't pay attention to the finer details of the Power Profiles in Windows, it's highly likely any hard drive in your computer is being shut down without your knowledge, by Windows, after a set period of inactivity. So, whether you turn your computer on and off one or more times per day is rather moot. Your hard drive is power cycling anyway, and a lot of other subsystems in the computer are doing the same. The rest of the components would scarcely care whether you put them to sleep or not, save the power supply, which mostly gets a break whet the computer is asleep.

    You're unlikely to measure any notable increase in component life by minimizing the power cycling of your computer.

    On the other hand, fan bearings have a finite lifespan, electricity costs money, and wasting either is just that, waste. I say, pursue your computer happiness as you see fit, but I've had computers power cycling for years on 5 minute sleep intervals (kids walk away and it goes to sleep) without ill effect.
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