getting new GPU for old pc

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  1. a HD 7750 would be a better option but both won't run bf4 at more than low or medium. his 2GB of RAM is also limiting performance. overall his system is old and should be replaced
  2. OK thank ill let him know also i told him he should just build a new pc but he doesn't have the money at the moment
  3. can he use a 7750 with his motherboard he doesnt have an 3.0 PCIe slots
  4. I'm sorry but its probably not going to run on that pc, or if it does it's going to look very bad, I suggest you choose a console.
  5. the hd 7750 doesn't use enough bandwidth to need 3.0
  6. but the all of them on newegg say they use a 3.0 and his motherboard only has a 2.0 can you find one that use's a 2.0
  7. no, don't worry. the HD 7750 will be fine on his mobo. there are hardly any cards out there that use 2.0
  8. ok thanks, here's the page im on can you pick out the best one there
    i dont really know how to tell if one GPU is Better the the other
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    actually just get this HD 7770
    same price after rebate
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