Help with deciding on components for a brand new build

Hello all,
I've been planning out a new computer for quite some time now and I'm trying to decide between a few components.
Currently, my build looks like this:

Intel Core i5 4670K
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
AsRock Fatal1ty Z87 KILLER
Intel 330 120GB SSD (Salvaged from my laptop)
Seagate Barracuda 1TB
G. Skill Ripjaws X - 1600 MHz Single 8GB
Corsair Graphite 230T w/ Window
Corsair GS700-V2

My budget I've set is $1200 and that build comes to $1188 (I live in Australia, prices suck). The first component I'm deciding between is the motherboard. AsRock Fatal1ty Z87 Killer or the AsRock Z87 Ext4?
The next is the gpu. I can get a GTX 680 off eBay for around $300 on a good day, the other option is a GTX 760. I'll probably buy a second 680/760 and SLI them in the distant future.
The last is to do with the CPU cooler. The CM Hyper 212 EVO or something else like a liquid cooler? I plan on overclocking to 4.6 or something around that. I'm open to suggestions, especially with regards to motherboards, so thanks all for your time.
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  1. Looks like a good rig, have to agree about prices there, have seen some that really shocked me, especially as so much is from China and you all are so close ;)
  2. Yeah. I'm not sure why Aussies pay so much... oh well, just gotta work that little bit harder then. Btw, the Extreme 4 is $10 more than the Fatal1ty board. Is it worth the difference? Also, what about motherboards from other companies? Motherboards such as the MSI Z87-G45, Asus Z87-A and the Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H? Those are all around $195.
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    Z87-A is good, Fatal1ty is good mobo also, the GB would be my 3rd pick, MSI I won't touch, poor QC. Of those I'd go the Asus, OCs well, handles DRAM well and BIOS is good ;)
  4. Ahh ok brilliant, thanks. One last thing, is it worth it to buy a second hand GTX 680? Or should I just buy a brand new GTX 760? What are the dangers of buying second hand graphics cards?
  5. Really depends on who you buy through, I prefer to see and test test first, if guaranteed, prob in good shape if it's a reputable vendor
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