DVD sound through TV to speakers..?

I have an old Rotel receiver/amplifier, and I just purchased a Blu-Ray player and HDTV. While the TV has component-audio outputs, the Blu-Ray doesn't. I really want to play DVD audio through my stereo speakers but am unsure if I can. Is there way to do this without the DVD player running directly to my stereo?

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  1. Okay your missing a step here. You feed the BlueRay to the HDTV, then you output from the HDTV to the receiver to use the stereo speakers. You would need to play the DVD in the Blueray of course, and when it sends the signal out to the HDTV it will take that signal and play it on the HDTV speakers. YOUR saying there is absolutely (which many times there isn't) OUTPUT from the HDTV, so plug the output to the receiver and now the receiver will play what the HDTV is sounding out on it's speakers.
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    Connect the Bluray to the TV with HDMI. If your TV has analog L/R audio outputs just connect to the Rotel. Most TVs have only optical digital audio output and if your Rotel doesn't have this type of connection so you will need a DAC like this to convert the TV output
    That will give you good sound on whatever you are watching on the TV.
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