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Hi! I was looking in BIOS and noticed that my RAM (which is 4 x sticks of 1.65v) is running at 1.548V. I didn't change anything - except for adding 2 x sticks of extra RAM which matched the original 2. The BIOS is also set to TURBO . The machine is from a tech company and is a gaming machine. I don't use it for gaming but for visual effects and motion graphics. I was worried about the incorrect voltage settings particularly!

I also looked in the MIT and the BIOS is F2 - it's up to F9 on the motherboard website.
I'd be grateful for any opinions thank you very much!

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  1. I'd upgrade the bIOS, what does it show in the memory tab (might show the SPD tab also so we can get the model #
  2. Hi thank you for replying.

    Here's the MEMORY and SDP tabs. I should say that while testing my RAM in memtest, I also noticed variations - the 2 original RAM sticks that came with the system were 9-9-9-24, while the 2 x new ones I bought memtest read them as 11-11-11-28. I bought the extra RAM from the same shop and are the same voltage/make.

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    Well they are running at 1333 (true freq in memory tab of 665 x 2 = 1330 (appr), so will want to manually set the freq to 1600, DRAM voltage to 1.65, base timings to 9-9-9-27 and you should be running 1600 - will show 800 in the freq pane of the memory tab - if no joy with those settings may have to raise the MC (memory controller) voltage a bit
  4. Thank you! I will try this out.
  5. .....The BIOS won't allow me to make changes to the DRAM/timings etc. I wonder if it's because the XMP is disabled - I just noticed that in the BIOS. (I'm sure when I ran memtest that my RAM had *xmp* in the description, I need to check).

    I also checked the BIOS on the mobo website and noted that the latest BIOS update is for (rev 1.0) of the motherboard, so I'm a bit nervous to update that (am noobie, I just want to be able to learn and do this stuff for myself where I can).

    So, I've enabled xmp in the meantime and am I reading this correctly, it's set the timings etc for me as follows?:

    but the core speed has gone up from 1596 MHz to over 3000 MHz! That seems like a massive jump, scarey.
  6. You're at 1600 on the DRAM, so that's good, and your CPU, by default is set for 3.3 (3300) so you are fine, the CPU has built in turbo-boost allowing it to go up to 3.7 automatically if needed), currently the default multiplier is from 16-37 to let it run as needed, can drop to 1600 if completely idle - (seldom to never) or boost up to 3700
  7. Thank you so much, such awesome help I really appreciate it.
  8. No worries, may want to close out the thread ;)
  9. Yes I think it can be closed successfully! Thank you again!:)
  10. To close it, you click on the Green - PICK AS SOLUTION button in the response you like best ;)
  11. oops!! my first thread. Done now!
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