Eyefinity on single 7850, to crossfire or not?

After trying to get my head around it for a while, I think the simplest way to ask my question is this:
I currently have a single XFX 2GB HD 7850 from which I run three Dell 22" LED IPS monitors and love playing games at 6072x1080, would it be worth it to invest in another 7850 (or 7870) or just live with the necessity of lower settings when I run eyefinity and wait to upgrade to a better single GPU in a few years?

Thanks in advance for any insight
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  1. Well crossfiring 2 7850s will give you better performance, and would be the cheapest, quickest, and easiest solution for you assuming your motherboard + psu supports crossfiring.

    I would personally rather sell the 7850 and get one biggerbadderbetter video card but that's just me
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