Not able to make bootable usb for win 8.1 installation

hello i have win 8.1 iso file but when i used universal usb installer and windows 7 usb bootable both, it writes successfully but it wont read the usb , even though my usb is working while bios . The setup.exe file opens like dos command window and disappears. i am using xp desktop sp3. help me i have two iso files of win8.1 . it worked for many but not sure how to make it bootable through usb een though my pendrive is working . also i made in settings first device usb bootable enabled F2 , please help me install win8.1
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  1. Yumi always works for me...

    Scroll down to" class="img lazy">

    Scroll down to Windows Distro, check 'Format' Box if 1st time

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