Please help, Core Temp shows 0c on AMD A10 6800K APU

So I installed CoreTemp with the intent of using it as my main temp monitor/reader for my overclocking needs as it has roven itself worthy to me earlier, but for some reason this time around it shows 0c, here is a screenshot
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  1. try to use other programs : pc wizard , speedfan...
    and see if they will be able to read temperatures of your cpu...
  2. They can, but I want to use core temp because their gadget is amazingly good and no doubt better than the rest
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    Does it display 0 even under load?

    If so, try AMD Overdrive, to make sure that the core temperatures don't display 0 there as well, when at load.

    There was a thread very similar to this, sometime ago, and I can't remember if the thread-starter's question was solved by finally finding a program that would display the temperatures, or if he ended up having to replace his motherboard. (I do remember that we had told him that, if it was his CPU Core temperatures that were faulty, then it was his CPU, which was not the case. Ugh.)
  4. Core temp doesn't always show correct temps. Use amd overdrive suite shows threshold to tj max. I have a 5800k and have the same issue
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