Hello, I have a Panasonic viera TC-P42S30 that died on me, please help!!

Hello, I have a Panasonic viera TC-P42S30 that died on me, it shows error code 10 in the blinking power red led light.
the service manual i downloaded says this for the error code 10:

Sub 5V SOS A-Board
Sub 3.3V SOS SN-Board
BE (sLD) SOS SS-Board
Tuner power SOS P-Board

how do i know what to fix and on which board?
i assume the A board is the one i need to replace coz the tv died when connecting my crappy old xbox 360 after moving to a new place, when i was plugging the xbox video output cable it made a spark and the tv died.
I would appreciate any help.
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  1. Replacing chips and fuses on a TV is Surgeon level soldering... if your warranty has gone out and you don't have any soldering experience/education then you're out of luck...

    but here is a video showing how to fix it...


    And this guy sells a lot of error code 10 & 2 repair kits for Panasonic tv's...but i'm not sure wich one is the right one for you tho....as i'm not an Engineer...

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